Hi! Thanks for stopping by to check out my work.

I'm Kerry, a photographer based in Bristol, U.K. I specialise in Wedding, Event and Family photography. My style can be described as reportage, though I like to think its simply about finding the great moments in any situation.

My style...

I'm passionate about the connection we all have as human beings and in capturing unseen authentic moments of real emotion. In terms of how I like to shoot I tend not to direct my clients too much but will make the odd suggestion here or there - don't worry, you wont have a pushy photographer in your face telling you where to place your hands every 5 minutes! While I'm not in director mode, I like to be part of the crowd, blending in and sometimes mingling with your guests and you. That means generally I'll be there for a chat (sometimes a cry) and to share a joke as well as being focused (ignore the pun) on delivering the best possible work for my client. I treat all my clients as friends and people first and foremost. 

I don't go with complicated pricing structures and from our first consultation you'll know where you stand so there are no unexplained surprises later. 

Mainly, I'll be upfront, honest and positive about your shoot. I think being a photographer is the best job in the world and I hope that's what comes through for my clients when we work together. I've learned that in treating your clients well, providing them a great experience and enjoying your work inevitably leads to a great final product. 


A little about me...

I grew up in New Zealand and spent many years in sunny Australia before moving to the UK. I have now lived in the UK for over 13 years, currently in the fantastic city of Bristol with my 3yo daughter. I'm 30-something (late late late 30's if you must know) and enjoy keeping fit, eating healthy and.....hang on, who am I kidding - I TRY to keep fit and make the very occasional attempt to eat healthily. I run as much as I can (not very far and not often enough), love good food and drink and adore travel, especially with my family. 

I'd love to hear from you and book in a coffee (or twist my arm for a drink if you like) for a consultation session to talk about your shoot and discuss working together. 

Just follow the contact me link to book your free consultation. 


K x

Photo © Marcus Way Photography 2018

Photo © Marcus Way Photography 2018